January Specials

You Don't Want to Miss These Deals. Offers Only Valid Until 1/31/2020.

Oil Blading Exfoliating Facial

$99 | 90 min

A NEW SPIN on the widely known "Derma-blading Treatment". Before the skin is exfoliated with the Derma-blade, the face is cleansed, steamed and massaged with almond oil infused with organic herbs. An appropriate mask is applied to infuse the skin with antioxidants while a relaxing neck, shoulder and arm massage is performed. Once the mask is warm toweled off the skin, serums are applied to correct skin conditions that are appropriate for your skin type.

Oil Blading

$55 | 45 min

Short on time, enjoy a 45 min session to get rid of dull dead skin and fine, vellus facial hair. The result, Smooth, hydrated Glowing Skin.