Get Your Glow On...MONTHLY

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Le Petit Membership


Aging Skin needing a little monthly TLC!?! This Facial Package DEAL is for you! The Package included a deep exfoliation with a professional microdermabrasion scrub, applicable mask to suit your skin's needs. HA, for hydration, Vitamin C serum, a powerful anti-aging antioxidant to lighten, tighten and brighten, and Vitamin A is applied to create cell turnover. Moisture, ALWAYS a MUST, is then applied to seal everything into the skins surface. The perfect Facial Membership at a budget!

A Night Out Package


We ALL go out once a month, right!?! If not, then we really should! TLC is important, why not add a little "skin lovin'" into the mix so we look and feel our best on the town! This medium-sized skin care package includes a professional Microdermabrasion. A brow cleanup, because "Brows make the face, honey!", a plumping HA serum to smooth out the fines lines, Vit. C to brighten, Vit. A to reverse aging, and of course a moisturizer to seal. We also add a professional makeup primer!!! GLOW ON!

The GLOW Package


This is a MUST for those hairy, fuzzy faces! This package includes a professional dermaplaning treatment. Customizable if dry or oily skin types. An ENZYME that brightens, tightens, and gives the skin a much needed blast of antioxidants. Done regularly, you will see your skin grow from dull to luminous, helping you to age beautifully and gracefully. You will also have your brows shaped perfectly to fit your face structure and cleaned up monthly, so forget about that extra monthly brow appt!

Add an exfoliating professional dermaplaning session on to any Facial, back Facial, body treatment or monthly treatment special. This package also includes complimentary brow shaping and maintenance monthly.

Enjoy a soothing cleanse, professional dermaplaning RX, plumping serum and SPF in a TO GO order. The perfect treatment to squeeze in monthly for that beautiful GLOW your skin needs! AND, right on time too! The recommended time frame for advanced exfoliating treatments is monthly for the best results in the FIGHT against the aging process! This is the perfect treatment in your monthly anti-aging toolbox!

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