This is an intensive class that includes the basics of dermaplaning, from it's origin to the basic dermaplaning technique. You will learn who is a good candidate for dermaplaning along with contraindications. This will include the how to's of the basic skill as well as hands on practice with your kit. You will also have a demonstration on a "live" model. Once the written exam is passed you will receive a dermaplaning kit, enough for 10 clients, and a printed certification.

Learn how to complete advanced services like Chemical Peels or Enzymes post a Dermaplaning Procedure. It's important to understand the science behind what is happening in the skin and what skin conditions need to be targeted with what peel. You must complete the Dermaplaning 101 Class first.

Learn how to Lift Lashes to the Moon with a professional Lash Lift kit, utilizing silicone pads for client comfort. The eyelashes are lifted to give you a more wakeful appearance. We then tint the lashes with a black tint giving you the look of dark, curled lash all day long. Your client will be pleasantly surprised when they wake up to beautiful lashes. The treatment lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks. This treatment is a GREAT alternative to Lash Extensions as these can be very damaging to a normal, healthy Lash. With Lash Lifting there is no damage to the Lash itself, however, your clients will get the curl without the daily curling wand. Whether lashes are short or long, this treatment is a perfect "ADD ON" to any Facial Treatment. $349; includes complete Lash Kit.

During this course you will learn the basics of Microneedling, the "HOW TO's" of the practice, a brief history of the treatments as well as HANDS ON practice on a LIVE client. You will also learn usage protocols, before and after treatments care as well as state laws, liability concerns and insurance options. Students will watch a demo of the Micorneedling practice before hands on treatment. In this class we start with the basics and ONLY use Hylauronic Acid as a glide for the pen.

Dermaplaning with Microneedling 101


This course includes Dermaplaning as a treatment with Microneedling, a great advanced treatment to add to any service menu. Learn the basics of Dermaplaning and Microneedling as a combined treatment for enhanced client results.