Why Choose Micrashading?

Check out 3 big benefits of getting beautiful brows through micrashading

Have you ever considered micrashading? Join the brow craze that's sweeping the nation. Citrus and Willow offers micrashading and other brow services.

You'll love your semi-permanent eyebrows because you won't have to deal with:
Rushed mornings - get more sleep and save time getting ready
Plucking or stenciling - enjoy a virtually pain-free process
Running makeup - get brows that keep up with your active lifestyle

Call today to learn more about our brow micrashading services.

Brow waxing


Skip the long plucking process and get perfectly shaped eyebrows quickly with our professional brow waxing service.

Brow tinting


his semi-permanent dye job will give your brows a fuller look so you won't have to draw them in every morning.
* Brow tint can be added to any service for $20



This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo will allow you to wake up every morning with fierce brows that are ready to face the day.
*Initial touch-up after first treatment is included if necessary 4 weeks post first treatment.

Micrashading touch-up: Post 6 -12 months


Make sure your eyebrows stay the right shade and shape months after your micrashading procedure.
*Applies only to current clients

Micrashading touch-up: Post 12 months - 2 years


*Applies only to current clients

Micrashading touch-up: Post 2 years+ or New Client


Schedule an appointment today. To book a Micrashading appointment, it requires a $50 deposit to book, non-refundable. That $50 deposit will then go towards the cost of your treatment.