Promoting Wellness Through Full-Body Care

See how our body treatments can improve your wellness

Self-care is more than just clean skin. When it comes to muscle aches, stiffness or joint pain, consider the benefits of full-body therapy. Citrus and Willow offers body scrubs, wraps and exfoliating treatments to detoxify your body and reduce inflammation. Our specialized body treatments decrease stress, rejuvenate your skin, and help you to achieve your skin goals all over your body - not just your face!

Add a 40-minute facial to any body treatment for only $45. Schedule an appointment today by calling 208-340-8169.

Feel good all over

Explore our full-body treatments below:

Exfoliate your whole body while boosting your immune system and comforting your aching muscles. Rosemary helps to relieve pain, reduce joint inflammation and increases circulation. Lavender has antifungal properties, reduces inflammation and can also help keep eczema at bay. Perfect for dry, dull, flakey skin, but also great for all skin types.

Dry Brushing Body Wrap

$75.00 | 60 MIN

Dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry, dead skin. It also helps to detoxify the skin and stimulate the nervous system. A CBD cream is applied all over the body and then wrapped in a mylar sheet to increase absorption. You will be left to relax for 30 min as your body releases any harmful toxins. Warm towels are laid on the skin to open the pores, followed by an anti-aging body cream. This service great for anyone with inflammation or those who need a detox.

Add a mini-facial during your detox period for $50.

Enjoy local honey mixed with Himalayan sea salt for an all-over body exfoliation that is hydrating and offers a necessary nutrient boost. Made fresh at the time of service, the leftovers are for you to take home.

Add a wrap and facial for $45 and an additional 60 min.

This treatment uses coconut sugar to gently exfoliate sensitive skin types. We'll then apply CBD to your skin and wrap you in a warm cocoon to allow the anti-inflammatories to do its work. We offer a facial during our wrap for full-body relaxation.

Back Facial Treatment

$65.00 | 55 MIN

The back is hard to reach. We'll use a scrubbing exfoliation to free clogged pores and increase circulation, and a clay mask to clear any unwanted breakouts. We'll provide a gentle, yet tension-relieving, massage to bring additional blood flow to the surface of the skin. We'll finish with a much-needed skin moisturizer.

Best of Both Worlds

$105.00 | 90 MIN

A combination of a back facial and a custom facial in one treatment. Relax with the effective back facial first, then flip over for the benefits of the classic facial of your choice. You will leave feeling detoxed and relaxed with both the back deeply exfoliated and the face deeply cleansed.

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