Jennifer, Owner Citrus and Willow Aesthetics and Advanced Trainings, has been passionate about the Skincare Industry since a young age. Although she took s mini detour and worked in the Healthcare Industry for some time, it only Advanced her knowledge of the Skin. A Breast Cancer Survivor, Jennifer has become even more passionate about the power of taking care of ones skin. She feels her true purpose is to help others by sharing her knowledge of the Skincare and Cosmeceutical Industry as well as helping others build self confidence, helping them find their true Beauty inside and out through skincare and nutrition.
Jennifer is a Master Aesthetician and a Master Educator in the field of Aesthetics. Her dream, to spread LOVE into the world through Citrus and Willow. Her favorite hobbies are; riding bikes, gardening, reading. She loves to find new Yoga classes, trail run with her friends and workout with her CrossFit family. And of course... to relax, Jennifer LOVES a good glass of wine.

Company motto; "Aging is inevitable, why not let us at Citrus and Willow help you do it gracefully and beautifully."